Franchise Awareness Through Pop Culture

Brands have been paying athletes to promote their product since Babe Ruth endorsed Red Rock Cola back in the 1930’s. But what about our favorite sports teams? They themselves are brands, and they don’t need to contract celebrities to advertise on their behalf.  These celebrity sports fans are just that, “fans” they aren’t paid to cheer on their favorite teams. What do the franchises get out of the 0.001% of extremely influential supporters? Here are some examples of universal hype and exposure that some of our favorite NFL teams have received from a few of today's pop culture icons.

Lil Wayne/Green bay Packers
Released “Green and Yellow” dedicated to the Packers during their iconic Super Bowl XLV run against the Steelers.  Although merchandise sales peak during Super Bowl, additional free advertisement from one of our generations most trend setting artists can only increase brand awareness. Most importantly, to global demographics that weren’t necessarily a previous target for the franchise. 

Snoop Dogg/Steelers
Snoop has been known to sport many team Jerseys but claims to “bleed black and Yellow”. He has global recognition as one of the generations most iconic rappers and fans all over the world have looked up to his wacky style sense for years. Undoubtedly he has had a large impact on merchandise purchased through his many loyal fans and followers.

Jay-Z & “Queen B” Beyonce Knowles/Dallas Cowboys;
2 of the largest moguls in pop culture today both root for the Stars all the way.  Jay-Z talks about how he inherited the team from his father and grandfather. It fits like a glove for the pair, as Beyonce hails from Texas. The power couple support the team vocally and represent them through fashion. This increases value/revenue of the team’s merchandise towards “non-market” fans worldwide. Maybe they had a small part in the Dallas Cowboys franchise surpassing 3b in worth, and being named the worlds 2nd most valuable sports team in 2015, it certainly hasn't hurt!

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