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Here at Bonham/Wills & Associates, we know that the corporate marketing of sport, entertainment, and cultural properties takes place in an ever changing environment. That’s why we are committed to providing our clients with the best and most current strategic guidance available. Bonham/Wills & Associates adheres to a simple philosophy of making sure we exceed our clients’ expectations in everything we do. We stand behind $11 billion worth of sponsorship relationships and use this extensive experience to go-to-bat with our clients and guide them through their vital decision-making processes.  At Bonham/Wills & Associates, we make it our mission to provide our clients with cutting edge consulting services that presents them with the necessary information to succeed in their central marketing endeavors. We stand by our work, and our clients do too.

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With experience that spans over two decades, we possess knowledge and expertise to advise brands, rights holders and properties on how to maximize their objectives through sport and entertainment.

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Our naming rights expertise has been utilized around the world on 150 separate occasions  in  44  U.S. markets, eight European,  three  Canadian  and  one  South American market. BWA has been involved with the following types of facilities:

  • Major and Minor League Stadiums and Arenas 
  • Collegiate Facilities
  • Convention Centers 
  • Theaters/Performing Arts Centers 
  • Amphitheaters

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Corporate Clients

Task -

Grainger was reassessing its sponsorship with the Roush Racing Team and wanted to know if it should increase, maintain, reduce or discontinue its investment.

Action –

BWA first conducted a sponsorship analysis supplemented with a market research study.

Sponsorship Evaluation

BWA identified 15 sponsorship benefits that Grainger’s Primary Sponsorship was capable of generating, analyzed each exposure vehicle and calculated the total number of impressions and value that were generated for Grainger. The analysis was based off a proprietary formula that was developed in house to measure NSACAR partnerships and took into account the quality of benefits and the comprehensiveness of Grainger’s sponsorship package. It also paid special attention to:

·         The cluttered sponsorship environment of NASCAR

·         The demographic fit between NASCAR fans and Grainger customers

·         The legendary sponsorship loyalty demonstrated by NASCAR fans

Market Research

BWA conducted both qualitative and quantitative research studies that spanned discussions with that spanned NASCAR attendees, Grainger employees as well as Grainger customers. Within the scope of this study, the following areas were measured:

·         Attitudes towards sponsorship and advertising

·         Attitudes towards NASCAR sponsors

·         Their leisure interests

·         Sports fan avidity

·         NASCAR fan avidity

·         Attitudes towards NASCAR (both NASCAR fans and non-fans)

·         Sponsorship awareness

·         Attitudes towards corporate hospitality

Result –

Armed with a better understanding of the perceptions of its association with NASCAR and the Roush Racing Team, Grainger decided to continue its relationship and reassessed its investment in the sport.

Task –

Nearing the end of their title sponsorship agreement with the Twin Cities Marathon, Medtronic wanted to know if renewing the agreement would be beneficial for them. Furthermore, they were looking at activation strategies to maximize the benefits of the title sponsorship.

Action –

After extensive discussions with Medtronic executives, BWA performed an extensive market research study that was coupled with a sponsorship analysis. Post this, BWA created an activation plan to maximize the benefits of accrued from the sponsorship.

Sponsorship Analysis

During this phase of the project, BWA analyzed the sponsorship by reviewing all relevant client materials, calculating the total number of impressions delivered by each sponsorship benefit and comparing it with BWA’s extensive database of similar sized events. This analysis took into account not just the amount of exposure, but also the quality of exposure delivered by each vehicle.

Market Research

At the same time, BWA reached out to marathon participants, supporters and residents of the Minneapolis-St. Paul DMA to measure the brand awareness garnered by Medtronic through the sponsorship.

Activation Strategy

Among they many recommendations made, BWA advised Medtronic to align its CSR and philanthropy initiatives with the event to increase awareness amongst consumers and to expand their reach to a national level through their marketing campaigns.

 Result –

BWA recognized that the cost to benefit ratio that Medtronic received through its partnership was not within the recommended range, however knowing that this was more of a philanthropic initiative, Medtronic renewed its partnership and increased the involvement of its CSR programs with the marathon over the next few years. This resulted in greater brand awareness and loyalty amongst Minnesota residents.  

Task -

BWA was retained by JP Morgan Chase to analyze the effectiveness of its sponsorship agreements with the US Open and to create strategies to increase brand awareness, deepen customer relationships and to showcase its social responsibility.

Action –

The project was completed in three different phases

Phase 1 – Sponsorship Analysis

BWA calculated the value of the in-broadcast exposure received by JP Morgan Chase across all national and international geographies. This was done by analyzing a sample of the event broadcast and then project the total exposure received by the bank. BWA obtained viewer-ship information, and then applied its proprietary formulas to determine the “real market” value of this exposure. 

The evaluation process was based on a conservative philosophy whose objective was to arrive at the fair market value for sponsorships. This unique, trademarked process did not base solely on the CPM rate for TV advertising or comparisons to similar properties. In contrast, BWA’s methodology was based on three key components:

  1. Our annual market review.  BWA polls executives from sports and entertainment properties, corporations and ad agencies.  We also conduct extensive secondary research on the price being paid for various sponsorship elements.
  2. Our sponsorship analysis experience.  In its history, BWA has evaluated hundreds of sports and entertainment properties, including the world’s most prestigious.  This work has totaled more than $11 billion in sponsorship value.
  3. Our negotiation experience.  The BWA has negotiated more than $2 billion in sponsorship contracts for our property and corporate clients. Each time our analytical work has withstood the scrutiny of our client, its agencies, and those sitting on the other side of the table

From these key components, BWA then established a range of value for each sponsorship benefit.  After doing this, BWA considered approximately 20 quality characteristics of each benefit -- aspects such as market forces, the quality of the sponsor’s exposure, sponsor clutter, supply and demand, economies of scale, etc.  Finally, those factors were used to assign each benefit a specific value within our range.  This value was truly representative of the quality of exposure that was being delivered by each exposure vehicle. 

Phase 2 – Sponsorship Recommendations

After evaluating the sponsorship agreement, BWA also made strategic recommendations. These included –

·         Strategic placement of JP Morgan Chase signage to maximize brand association

·         Organizing a ‘JP Morgan Chase Night’ on the eve of the women’s final

·         Creation of JP Morgan Chase branded tennis camps for children

·         Organizing a corporate clinic with the CEO

·         Special tickets for corporate clients

·         Creating a JP Morgan Chase hospitality tent that also housed the company’s art collection

·         Offering discounted tickets to JP Morgan Chase employees

Result –

JP Morgan Chase experienced higher levels of brand awareness amongst tennis watchers across New York and the rest of the world.

Governing Bodies

Task –

USA Swimming retained BWA to understand consumer attitudes towards sponsorship. Over and above that, USA Swimming wanted understand the implications of acquiring the International Swimming Hall Of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Action –

The task was performed in two concurrent phases

Phase 1 – Consumer Research

BWA conducted a quantitative research study amongst USA Swimming’s target audience to gain an understanding across 4 main areas, namely –

·         Who are the consumers of USA Swimming?

·         How aware are they of the current sponsors?

·         What do they feel about corporate sponsors?

·         How is their purchase intent affected by a sponsors’ involvement with USA Swimming?

Phase 2 – Sponsorship Evaluation and Activation Strategy

To help understand the implications of the acquiring the ISHOF, BWA used its proprietary tools to conduct a property analysis for the ISHOF. After this, BWA created and analyzed the different levels of sponsorship packages that could be created for the property.

Once USA Swimming had a clear picture of what the ISHOF was worth, BWA advised them with strategies that they could use to increase the sponsorship value post the acquisition. These strategies consisted of brand building as well as activation strategies.

Result –

At the end of this project, USA Swimming had a clearer picture of their consumers with regards to attitudes towards sponsorship. Armed with that knowledge and an objective look at the ISHOF, they took the appropriate steps with regards to their sponsorship of the property.

Task –

USA shooting tasked BWA to analyze all of its sponsorship assets with respect to the relevant benefit categories. Furthermore, they were looking for a sponsorship strategy as well as recommendations to enhance the value of their sponsorship assets.

Action –

Given the nature of the sport, BWA conducted an impressions based analysis that identified the exposure received by each sponsorship asset. Based on this analysis, BWA then created multiple levels of sponsorship packages that could then be pitched to sponsors.

Once the packages were created, BWA crafted an 8-point strategic sponsorship activation strategy that aimed to utilize the resources that were at USAS’ disposal at that time. These strategies were meant to keep all costs at a minimum level.

Once the strategies were finalized, BWA conducted a market analysis of the relevant industry categories that they could approach for their sponsorship needs. This was based on both brand fit as well as an estimation of marketing budgets from BWA’s annual review.

Result –

As a result of this groundwork, USAS implemented its activation strategy post which, it was successfully able to market its sponsorship assets to relevant industry categories.

Shirt Sponsorship

Task – 

Nearing the end of sponsorship deal with Crown Paints, Blackburn Rovers FC retained BWA to conduct a comprehensive property analysis, including the value of a shirt sponsorship.

Action – 

In this project, BWA supplied their expertise to document, summarize and communicate the quantifiable value of all of the Rovers’ current sponsorship packages (including the shirt sponsorship). After the evaluation phase, BWA assisted the Rovers to create new sponsorship packages and also advised the club to increase sponsorship effectiveness for all potential sponsors whilst also advising them of new potential sponsors. 


During this phase of the project, BWA analyzed all the exposure elements that were being offered to current Rover sponsors. Using its proprietary tools, BWA then assigned a value to each element by determining the quality of each exposure. This phase also took into account local market and demographic conditions.

Package Creation & Activation Strategy

In order to maximize the ROI for potential sponsors, BWA created different levels of sponsorship packages that the club could then approach various sponsors for. Each package also had a clear set of benefits that was clearly communicated.

BWA also supplemented these packages with secondary research on appropriate sponsors that the club could approach in the event Crown Paints did not renew the partnership. While suggesting the approach, BWA also suggested activation strategies to increase sponsor affinity.

Result – 

At the completion of this project, The Rovers were able to successfully evaluate their sponsorship value and were armed with an effective activation strategy that ultimately helped them in securing new sponsors.