$$$ Dollar for Dollar $$$

 Viewing sponsorship as a cost-effective method of achieving specific marketing objectives, has been the driving factor behind the dramatic increase in Naming Rights over the last decade. Sponsorship marketing is particularly valuable because of its effectiveness in introducing new products, helping new or established products contend with competitive brands, and increasing corporate brand awareness. Increasing brand awareness is a primary factor behind a significant sub-trend within the sponsorship industry over the last several years. It has been proven that "Dollar for Dollar" Naming Rights is the best investment a corporation can make.

Corporate Benefits

  • Enormous brand exposure
  • Strong connection to iconic civic facility
  • Demonstrate commitment to community
  • Increase sales through direct access to property's audience and prime hospitality opportunities
  • Ability to target specific demographic groups/audience
  • Credibility (sponsorships have greater credibility than straight advertising)
  • Interactive marketing platform

Property Benefits

  • Generate immediate and annual revenue
  • Build image/profile of property through linkage with prestigious corporate entity
  • Create marketing synergies for an expanded marketing reach
  • Eliminate various line-item expenses

General Naming Rights Benefits

  • Impactfull branding exposure
  • A prestigious association with the property and its tenants
  • the ability to rise above the advertising clutter normally associated with sports and entertainment properties
  • The opportunity to pre-empt a company's competition from an association with the property 
  • The potential for lucrative direct and indirect business relationships 

Naming rights occupy the highest point on the sponsorship pyramid and typically carry with them a number of major benefits for all parties included. This is why we will continue to see these investments increase across industry categories, sports and entertainment venues, events and properties around the globe.