The hallmark of Bonham/Wills & Associates' services is evaluation.  In general, corporations consult us to better understand the cost/value ratio of their sponsorship initiatives, while properties look to us for an objective third-party evaluation of their worth in the marketplace.  Both sides of the sponsorship equation use our services to strategically enhance the client's potential and value.  The analyses Bonham/Wills & Associates conduct have proven an invaluable tool in contract negotiations. Bonham/Wills & Associates has evaluated more than $10.3 billion in sponsorship value for our corporate and property clients.



Unlike our competition, we do not use advertising equivalencies based on cost per thousand rates (CPMs), which provide inflated valuation results that are unreasonable and impossible to defend.  

Instead, Bonham/Wills & Associates' evaluation process is based on a conservative philosophy whose objective is to arrive at the fair market value for sponsorships.  This unique process does not base value solely on the cost per thousand rate (CPM rate) for the various advertising mediums or comparisons to similar property sponsorships.  In contrast, Bonham/Wills & Associates methodology is based on three key components: our annual marketplace review, sponsorship analysis and negotiating experience.

Four main goals are accomplished when Bonham/Wills & Associates analyze any property/event:
1) we identify the benefits a corporation receives from its sponsorship;
2) we determine the quality of exposure each benefit delivers to a corporate sponsor; 
3) we quantify the amount of exposure the corporate sponsor receives;  
4) we determine the real value the exposure provides a sponsor.


We specialize in the following types of analysis:


Whether you are a corporation looking to enhance your sponsorship portfolio or a facility looking to capture a valuable revenue stream, naming rights are a powerful component of the sponsorship mix. Our naming rights analyses provide real-world, defensible data on the amount, quality and value a naming rights opportunity presents.  And, we don't stop there - we also provide strategic recommendations on a wide-range of issues pertaining to the analyses we conduct, along with making ourselves available to our clients to ensure they get the maximum benefit out of the analyses we provide.  Bonham/Wills & Associates has carried on the tradition of "over delivering" for our clients which made The Bonham/Wills & Associates the industry leader.  

Our naming rights expertise has been utilized on 137 separate occasionsin 51 North American markets (including Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto, Canada)nine European markets (including Turin, Italy, Dublin, Ireland, Lille, France, Moscow, Russia, as well as in London, Manchester City, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Blackburn, England); and one South American market: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Bonham in Action...

Bonham conducted a BWA Naming Rights Analysis of the Houston Rockets’ new arena. This analysis identified all areas of the Houston Rockets’ arena that present value to a corporate sponsor, determined the value of the Houston Rockets as a naming rights property and developed strategies that were used as a road map in implementing a sponsorship campaign. Additionally, Bonham negotiated on the Houston Rockets’ behalf a naming rights agreement with Toyota. 





A property analysis will not only define what your property is worth to the corporate community, but we will also help you develop strategies to maximize that potential and build long-term successful relationships with corporate sponsors. The property analysis you receive from us will include the appropriate number of sponsorship packages (including naming rights if appropriate), the type and level of each sponsorship package, what benefits each package should contain, and the exposure and corresponding value each package can deliver.  We will also provide recommendations on the category of corporations that would make good partners for your property.

Bonham in Action...

Universal Studios retained Bonham’s group to evaluate its potential as a corporate sponsorship property, quantify the value that it represents to the corporate community, and formulate strategies and recommendations to maximize that value. 




A favorite among our corporate clients, our sponsorship analyses work in two ways. For your current partnerships, we present a cost/value ratio, offer strategies and recommendations on how to generate additional value, and determine how well the opportunity fits with your branding, sales, marketing and PR objectives. For your future partnerships, we also include strategies for internal and external negotiations, so you can achieve a fair and equitable partnership agreement.

Bonham in Action...

Bonham conducted a BWA Sponsorship Analysis of CITGO Petroleum Corporation’s (CITGO) NASCAR team sponsorship in 1997, 2000, 2002 and 2003. These analyses quantified the value the sponsorship represents to CITGO, calculated a cost/value ratio for the sponsorships and provided strategies to enhance the value of the relationship. 



Our media analyses uncover the amount and value of exposure a corporation receives from any, or all of the following: in-broadcast exposure, print exposure, Internet exposure and radio exposure.  Additionally, based on our findings and the media medium(s) we analyze, we will provide appropriate strategies and recommendations to improve exposure value.

Bonham in Action...

The Bonham Group is currently evaluating and providing an analysis of the in- broadcast television exposure for 14 of FedEx’s major sports sponsorships, including the NFL, PGA Tour, FedEx Forum/Memphis Grizzlies, FedEx Field, FedEx Orange Bowl, Bowl Championship Series, Memphis Redbirds, NTRA, AutoZone Liberty Bowl, Regions Morgan Keegan Championships, FedEx St Jude Classic, FedEx Kinko’s Classic, FedEx Racing and Southern Heritage Classic presented byFedEx




Our soft drink analyses define what your property is worth to a potential soft drink partner and provide you with the knowledge to forge competitive new relationships (or enhance existing ones) to maximize the value to both you and your soft drink partner. 


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