Market Research 

Effective sports and entertainment marketing in today's environment demands a greater understanding of key constituencies, particularly fans and consumers.  To do this, Bonham/Wills & Associates provides both customized and standardized research studies - but the process doesn't end there.

Our strength lies in recognizing that the true value of research does not come from simply obtaining data, but from the strategic initiatives based on those data.  Our reports provide your organization with strategic insights that help you determine your most effective actions going forward.


The Approach We Use to Provide Insight Into Your Business:

  • Work with you to define the issue to be explored

  • Determine concrete research objectives

  • Develop a research design to meet these objectives

  • Set up an analytical plan to make sure the right kind of data are collected

  • Design a data collection instrument

  • Collect the data as accurately and efficiently as possible

  • Analyze the data using predetermined strategies and statistical methods

  • Interpret the findings, drawing upon proven insight and extensive experience to create real-world recommendations

  • Communicate the results and strategic recommendations clearly and succinctly, in easy to understand terms


Examples of Products We Offer:

  • Pre-Sponsorship Intelligence:  Research to understand a target market's pre-disposition to general sports/entertainment opportunities

  • Sponsorship Meter:  Assessing reach, awareness and impact of a single or all sponsorships

  • Sponsorship Tracker:  Measures changes in sponsorship efforts over time

  • Cost per Awareness Analysis:  This analysis pits a number of sponsorships by a client against one another to evaluate which one has the greatest reach and connectivity at the lowest fee

  • Measuring ROI:  Research with a retailer's customer database to determine if those aware of the sponsorship or fans of the property spend more vs. others and vs. pre-sponsorship

  • Hospitality Effectiveness:  Research to gather feedback from hospitality guests and analysis of effectiveness of the hospitality plan, e.g., inviting the right people

  • Customer Point of View Research:  Research with client's customers to understand sports/entertainment interests, sponsorship property interests, current sponsorship awareness

  • Employee Reactions:  Research with client's employees to understand level of support, awareness and understanding of sponsorship efforts

  • On-Site Studies:  Get feedback from attendees on the spot

  • Fan Feedback Studies:  Research with attendees using a property's contact database to understand sponsorship awareness, amenities, promotions - similar to on-site, but often via Internet

  • Online Advisory Community: Establishing an advisory panel to easily, quickly, and cheaply get feedback from this group

  • Secondary Research:  Literature search, usually Internet, but also contacting our industry contacts

  • Omnibus Study:  Inexpensive way to add insight to a TBG Sponsorship Analysis with a broad population, e.g., consumers nationwide

  • Facility Feedback Studies:  Research with attendees using a property's contact database to gather feedback about the facility

  • Premium Seat Holder Insight Study:  Specialized qualitative research with premium attendees

  • Pricing Planner:  Research to determine ticket prices or how to price different services, e.g., Internet offerings

  • Sponsor Intel:  Qualitative research with a property's sponsors or partners; usually one-on-one executive phone interviews


Methods We Use:

  • Internet Research

  • Telephone Interviewing

  • In-Depth Interviews (executive, opinion leader)

  • On-Site Surveys (person to person, self-administered, recruit and call-back)

  • Mail Surveys

  • Focus Groups

  • Mall Intercepts


Bonham in Action...

Bonham has conducted five separate research projects for the NHL in the last several years to help the league gauge fan attitudes and avidity levels. We conducted one-on-one elite phone interviews with NHL partners. Bonham also analyzed the value received by the title sponsor of the NHL’s All-Star Weekend. 



Best Buy and Bonham engaged in a research project to analyze the ROI of Best Buy’s NASCAR team sponsorship efforts. Bonham conducted Internet surveys with Best Buy customers to determine NASCAR fan avidity, sponsorship awareness, sponsorship perceptions and impact of the sponsorship on brand image and purchase intent. Utilizing customer sales data, we were able to provide Best Buy with a clear understanding of the impact of its sponsorship efforts on sales. We also ascertained important insights about the effect of the sponsorship on Best Buy’s brand image and provided strategic perspective on how to act on the information. 

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