Strategic Consulting 

Bonham/Wills & Associates doesn't evaluate their clients' business objectives in a vacuum.  We interpret the data and filter it through our years of industry experience to give our corporate and property clients valuable strategic insight and direction.  This strategic counsel, for example, can show corporations how to adjust their sponsorship planning and implementation to immediately increase their brand exposure and drive sales.  Conversely, Bonham/Wills & Associates can guide properties in making sales and marketing decisions that will generate incremental revenue, as well as help renew existing sponsors.  We can help answer key sponsorship questions such as: 



  • What is the true "value" of a sponsorship, measured in exposure, brand image, and sales?

  • How does my target audience feel about my sponsorship, and how does that impact the brand long-term?

  • How do I get my company's various divisions and regions involved in the sponsorship for maximum effect?

  • Am I taking full advantage of the assets at my disposal via the sponsorship (branding, media, content, hospitality, etc)?

  • How well are my sponsorships positioned relative to my main competitors?

  • What should my long-term sponsorship plan look like, based on my specific business goals, category marketing trends and overall economic outlook?


  • Is my property best positioned in the marketplace to attract corporate sponsorship dollars?

  • Am I packaging my assets the right way, based on sponsorship/media trends and category considerations?

  • Is my property delivering full value to sponsorship partners?

  • How can I better serve my corporate partners, and therefore the renewal discussion, via research and ROI measurement?

  • What cross-marketing platforms & co-branded opportunities are possible, based on my marketing/media assets & sponsor brands?

By addressing these and other questions in a strategic context, Bonham/Wills & Associates is able to provide its clients with the tools to make informed sponsorship marketing decisions.


Sponsorship Portfolio Analysis


As the cost associated with sports and entertainment activities skyrocket, the pressure to justify decisions has naturally intensified.  Bonham/Wills & Associates Sponsorship Portfolio Analysis will provide you with a blueprint that examines your sponsorship portfolio from a big-picture perspective.  This insight will show you how to adjust your sponsorship portfolio to maximize its return on investment.


Sponsorship Performance Index


If you prefer a more in-depth analysis, our Sponsorship Performance Index will provide a unique blend of evaluation, market research and cost/value expertise to adress your needs from a more focused perspective and provide strategic, results-getting solutions.



Bonham in Action...

The Atlantic Coast Conference retained Bonham to help the ACC consider expanding the conference to include new members. Over a period of nearly two years, we conducted research to determine which candidate institutions, if any, would be best to approach for admission into the ACC. Bonham conducted elite interviews with university and sports industry executives, performed extensive secondary research on each candidate school and conducted regional phone surveys in the markets of the candidate schools to understand attitudes and avidity toward each school and the ACC. We also provided other analyses including a financial impact of expansion on the revenue share of each ACC member institution, travel and scheduling issues, student athlete impact, etc. 

“I want to share my appreciation for the extensive research and detailed analysis The Bonham Group provided the ACC during our recent expansion discussions. Their discreet and insightful strategic consultation helped reassure us that we were armed with the best and most comprehensive information available to guide us in making an extremely important decision for the future of our conference.”
— John D. Swofford Commissioner Atlantic Coast Conference

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