The Olympic Advertising Platform #BeTheFastest

Marketers have been using sporting events to advertise as long as a television has been in living rooms around the world.  There are more and more events going on every year, providing a great platform for this continued practice.  One of the most coveted events on a global scale is of coarse one of the oldest and only takes place every 4 years, thus creating even more anticipation and excitement leading up with a big count down.  The 2016 Olympic Games.

Marketers worldwide have a chance to use this global build up to their advantage when it comes to advertising.  With 207 countries participating this year and 306 events to take place imagine the multiplications included when it comes to calculating global reach for brands that will be advertising during and leading up the event.  

Emotional connection when creating an advertisement has become increasingly important. As the public consumption has reached an all-time high,  the subconscious has adapted to blocking out many forms of advertising to the point where brand recognition is comparable to breathing for our younger generations.  How often do we really remember the advertisements that we see? What captivates us? Innovation and emotion are the 2 main factors we recognise in Virgin Media's, Usain Bolt add #BeTheFastest below. 


This advertisement uses emotions, excitement, pop culture and pure heart to capture the audience. This is a tastefully done advertisement because as you can see, it is impossible to decipher what brand it is actually for until the very last frame. The audience is captivated by each 9.58 second interval, they do not want to look away, it is so eloquently put together that most would not even realise that it is indeed an advertisement at all.  We recognise and commend Virgin Media on this successful campaign #BeTheFastest. Comment below and let us know your thoughts!